Journey to an Alien Moon – National Geographic airs show covering ENDURANCE

April 21, 2010

National Geographic aired “Journey to an Alien Moon” as part of its “Explorer” series last night. It describes how the first proof of Europa being an icy moon was obtained from Galileo spacecraft, how life was found to exist in various extreme environments on earth, and how ENDURANCE could be a precursor to smaller under-water robots that could be sent to Europa in search of life-forms.

There is footage from our tests in the Neutral Buoyancy Lab and from our 2008 Antarctica expedition. All team members make an appearance and Bill Stone is extensively interviewed.

ENDURANCE team in Antarctica in 2008. From left to right - Back row: Bob, Peter, Bill, Chris, Kristof; front row: Shilpa, Vickie, Annika, Robin, Bart, Maciej.