Nov13 – A successful mission and a blown tent in a very windy day

Vickie, Bill and Kristof went to the bot-house early to install the batteries (that Bart had fixed overnight) into the robot to give us an early start on the day’s mission. We started the profiling mission around 12:45 in the afternoon. The mission was largely uneventful and the robot went farther east than it had ever before. The batteries
worked very well, and we profiled at 20 points with a total mission length of about 3.2 km. We are optimistic that we can now profile at the far east end of the lake and come back without power running out – a total transit length of about 3 km. We still had a short partial comm loss at two grid points. We do not know the cause
yet and we plan to work on it tomorrow.

The day was very windy with Katabatics of more than 35 mph. Bill and Vickie had a rough time being outdoors for about 6 hrs tracking the bot. One of the propane heaters in the bot-house blew out, and we couldn’t get it to work. We were cold had to wear our big-reds all day. At the end of the day, my fingers and feet were really cold and I was happy to return to the warmth of the jamesway at Bonney camp.

The PI of our project, Peter Doran was scheduled to fly in to Bonney today from McMurdo. However, the bad weather prevented any flights from getting in. He will now come on Monday (hopefully).

After dinner, John mentioned that he had seen couple of tents turned upside down. We rushed out and found that my tent had almost blown away – it had just one guy- wire holding it. Some of my stuff had also blown away. Chris’s tent was almost uprooted . The entire team came out to help us fix our tents. My tent was torn and a new tent had to be setup for me. Now I have a new and more spacious tent. The tents had been setup for us when we came to Bonney camp and event though my tent
shook and creaked a lot in the wind, I had not bothered to fix it up. I should not have been negligent (and lazy)  and should have tied it and staked it up better. I am rather angry with myself for this. But we were lucky. John says that some people have had their tent with their stuff inside it fly down the valley!

Right now, at about 12:00 at night, the winds are still blowing and fog has rolled in over the hills. Thankfully, the temperature is not very low (only about -5 Celsius).

Some photos, thanks to Kristof, below.

Only one-guy wire prevented my tent, and all my stuff, from blowing down the valley.

Some of loose stuff blew away.

The entire team helped Chris and me set up our tents. Rachel, Bill, Vickie and myself.

The entire team helped Chris and me set up our
tents. Rachel, Bill, Vickie and myself.
Bill, Vickie and Bart.

One Response to Nov13 – A successful mission and a blown tent in a very windy day

  1. Carla says:

    Ha! I’m glad all your stuff didn’t blow away! Richie and I once had to fill our tent with heavy rocks to keep it grounded in a storm. Our problem wasn’t 35 mph wind though- rather that we forgot to carry tent stakes. lol

    Enjoy your new tent.

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