Nov 15 – Beautiful beyond words

We had a very relaxed day today. John made us delicious crepes for brunch in the morning. We had “showers” which basically involve filling an insulated bag with water and sitting under the “tap” in the bag. In the evening, I ended up drinking rather too much of coffee which made me hyperactive. I decided to go for a hike up the hill to see ventifacts. John and Emma decided to come too. It was one of the most beautiful walks of my life and I cannot describe it in words. Below are some pictures.

It had snowed all night. Chris got to work and made snowmen. Emma, Bill, Chris, Bart, Kristof, and Vickie.

John on our way up to see the ventifacts. In the background is Taylor glacier. To the right is east lobe of Lake Bonney leading up to the narrows.

Myself. Thanks to John for this photo.



At the top of the hill. The "zen garden" in John's words.


2 Responses to Nov 15 – Beautiful beyond words

  1. Carla says:

    Gorgeous! With the sun shining like that, it’s hard to believe it is so cold! Love your snow men too. I’m glad you are back online.

  2. sgulati says:

    It’s not very cold anymore. Usually between 0 and -5 degree Celsius. It’s summer!

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