Day off

After our long day yesterday, we decided to take the day off today. We saw a movie on the projector in our jamesway last night and went to bed around 3:00 a.m. I woke around 2:00 p.m. today to a warm day (temperature right now is only -7 Celsius), had breakfast, and walked around bit. Then I chilled out with some music and a book. At night, I cooked one of my favorite dishes for dinner and Vickie made brownies. It’s been a relaxing day and was badly needed!


I wandered around for a bit to enjoy the warm day. Lake Bonney camp. We drive up the valley on the lake ice to the Bot-house.


Out tents. My tent is to the far right.


Chris chilling out with a book on the "couch" in the jamesway.


Vickie making brownies.

2 Responses to Day off

  1. Neey says:

    Dear Shilpa,
    Sorry for tuning in so late. Busy with the craziness of the semester, conference, and students. I did get some updates about you eralier from Chetan. It seems you are doing pretty well. Enjoyed the pics. Proud of you. I decided not to go to India in Dec. Will let you know later in detail. Take care and my best to you and the team.

  2. Beth Steger (Emma's Mom) says:

    I feel frustrated for yall when the bot isn’t up to form. Hang in there. I am happy to see some pics of the set up there. So you ride an ATV over that ice to the lake, wild.

    Hope you get that bot scooting all over soon. Beth

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