First successful profiling mission

We just finished our first successful profiling mission today. We performed profiling at 19 points. The approximate length of the mission was 2.4 km. The mission was mostly uneventful. We saw some interesting microbial growth on lake bottom near the shore and also some iron leached out from sediments. John extracted some data from yesterday’s profile which shows some very interesting characteristics (I will post some of John’s plots and a map soon). We also ran down the batteries and now have a better characterization of the tripping behavior – this should help us plan future missions better. It’s been a very long day. We have worked non-stop for 14 hours. I am exhausted but elated. Below are some pictures.


Chris setting up the charge cables for the bot.


Mission control - Kristof, Shilpa and Chris.


Biological matter at lake bottom in the shallow area near shore. This photo was taken by the camera of our main science package "profiler". The profiler spools down all the way to lake bottom and measure various chemical properties of lake water.


Rust colored streaks at lake bottom. These are probably formed by iron leaching from the sediment. Almost looks like the surface of an alien planet.


Another picture of lake bottom. We don't know what we are seeing here.

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