Beautiful Sunday

We woke up today to find that it had snowed at night. It doesn’t snow very much here, so I was happy to witness such a day.  We had decided to work only half a day.  I woke up to  a breakfast of nice coffee (thanks John),  eggs (thanks Leal) and pancakes (thanks Bill and Kristof). We went to work at around 2:00 p.m. We were able to figure out the cause of most of our problems. We have new batteries on the robot this year and the batteries had reset themselves. In the process of debugging, we had a created a large file that filled up the hard-drive and prevented processes from running. The exact cause of battery reset is not known yet, but most likely the readings that show the amount of power left that we were relying on were not right, and the batteries had less power than we thought they did. We have some experiments planned for tomorrow to gather more data to help us understand the problem further.


Myself enjoying the beautiful morning.






View from ATV on ride back to camp from the Bot-house.


Another view during the ATV ride.

2 Responses to Beautiful Sunday

  1. Aniket says:

    We have seen the large log files once before 🙂

    What happened to the old batteries?

  2. sgulati says:

    It’s amazing how a small mistake can cascade into something so big.
    The old batteries did not have enough life to perform the longer missions of this year. So we have new ones with longer life.

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