Cold Antarctica

I slept well last night, but am still feeling a little out of it. It is probably because of the long journey, the transition from northern to southern hemisphere, and the dehydartion.

It is very cold here (-40 Celsius with windchill). Our “lab” building this year is outside “town”,  so it is a an8 min walk from town to lab through open area. Exposed and lightly covered body parts, such as nose and legs got really cold in the short walk. I cannot imagine how the early explorers survived here.

The foggy weather also prevented the helicopter flights that were scheduled to leave for Lake Bonney with the carpenters. This means we will have at least 1 day delay in our plans.

My cushy dorm room has a rather drafty window. Unfortunately, it cannot be fixed till tomorrow. So I expect a rather cold night.

9 Responses to Cold Antarctica

  1. Rachna says:

    Hope you get over with your jetlag soon. Can’t even imagine now how cold it would be there. Keep yourself busy and you wouldn’t even notice it. Wish it was that easy 

    • sgulati says:

      Not much jet lag. It’s light all day. We officially keep Christchurch time, which is 1 days and 6 hours ahead of CST, which doesn’t cause much jet lag.

  2. Greg Kuhlmann says:

    Good luck. Don’t freeze. I’m looking forward to more updates.

  3. Greg Kuhlmann says:

    Wow. Antarctica is big:

    • sgulati says:

      Thanks for the link, Greg. Antarctica is a huge continent, but since it’s so remote we tend to think of this snowy-covered land mass. We are in a relatively mild region of Antarctica, near Ross sea.

  4. bala says:

    Have fun Shilpa. Will be checking back regularly on your expeditions 🙂

  5. Pamela says:

    Hi Shilpa –
    I’m glad you made it safely. Thanks so much for posting the photos. I was wondering about the dorm rooms. Not too bad. The botanical gardens look absolutely lovely….

    80 here in Texas….sorry!

    Enjoying your posts.

    • sgulati says:

      Pamela, most of the team are sharing room with 5 people. I got lucky and got a good room. But my room is very drafty and chilly. I have to fix this somehow tonight. The botanical gardens are most people’s favorites.

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