Transformations in water and ice

Dec 20

The water and ice have undergone significant changes in the past week. The water is very cloudy and murky now and the visibility is very low. The upward looking camera of the robot is unable to see the blinking light even from a depth of 2 m. This means that the chances of obtaining good images of the glacier face are slim since we will have to approach the face closer than 2 meters.

The stream next to our campsite is now roaring, and a waterfall is flowing down the glacier. The lake water is probably murky because of all this inflow.

The lake ice has also transformed since we came here. It used to be very smooth and it was hard to walk on the ice without stabiliziers. All the water flowing in has made the ice very thin at places, and Maciej fell in through the ice at one place. The ice is now much rougher with many ditches and protrusions that make a glassy sound as they break when we walk on them. Driving the ATV has become very interesting since we have to avoid the bigger  and deeper ditches.

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