McMurdo airfields closed due to bad weather

Airfields are closed today due to blowing snow and high winds. This means that the robot cannot get to Blood Falls camp at Bonney till at least Monday. The rest of the team wanted to test the sonde (the instrument package that spools down to sample the water), so we have put that on high priority and notified helo-ops, so if any flight does go out today, it will take our stuff to Blood Falls. We talk to the team over radio at 8:00 a.m. when they check in at mac-ops. We have also received emails from Maciej – looks like they have wireless access somewhere close by, maybe at Bonney camp.

On another note, Neil and Doug and their team have finished filming and they think they have enough good shots. They say they will screen some of the shots in Crary on Monday night.

4 Responses to McMurdo airfields closed due to bad weather

  1. Rachel says:

    Hi Shilpa. The delays sure are frustrating, even to me back here. I wanted to ask (and I apologize if I missed something in a previous post) – who are Neil and Doug? Did NSF change their minds and let some National Geographic folk in to film? Seems unlikely they would let a whole “team” in so I assume this is something else you are talking about. I hope things are going well aside from the delays. Glad to hear you guys will have some internet out there. Enjoy your warm while you can. 🙂

  2. Rachel says:

    Nevermind! I guess I need to look into the settings on my browser, since this page doesn’t always update when I visit. Frustrating. Anyway, that’s pretty cool!

  3. sgulati says:

    Actually the problem may be on my side. The post about Neil and Doug was written a few days back, but I “published” it only yesterday, and did not stick it to the front page since I wanted things to be in chronological order. This blog was set up in a hurry – in a half-hour time window right before leaving.

  4. Maria Richmond says:

    Shilpa, how nice of you to keep giving us all these updates. I, ofcourse, liked to read and see today’s notes and photos Kristof contributed.

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