Technical and Logistics Issues

Nov 17-19: 


Peter Doran (P.I.) and John Priscu (co-investigator) decided on the basis of previous data of  Lake Bonney that there is significant variation in the water properties with depth close to the surface. Our initial plan  was to have the robot cruise at some depth “h” below the ice, stop at pre-defined grid points, and spool out the instrument package to measure water properties up to a depth “d”, “d” being greater than “h”.  Since the instrument can only spool down, this left the water from depth 0 to h unexplored. To resolve this,  the team came up with the idea that the bot will cruise at depth d, float up to the ice surface at grid-points, use a set of “feet” to maintain contact with the ice, and then spool the science package. This brought up the problem
of fabricating the feet. Bart, Bill and Vickie, with help form Chad managed to fabricate and install the feet today, while Krisof and I planned out the mission planning scripts and  software modifications.

Maciej Obryk and Annika Taylor returned from Lake Bonney today. Maciej has finished melting the hole.

We also planned out the logistics of moving to Lake Bonney today. Ideally, we would like to get the camp set up, the bot set on the  platform, the tent built and the heating  installed before Thanksgiving. However, there is a lot of work to be done and we might not make it. We wre required to test build everything in
McMurdo before moving to Bonney. Hence, we will start building the platform tomorrow. The electricians will likely do their work on Saturday/ Monday-Tuesday.


Vickie and Bill went to decide what food to take to Bonney. Robin’s photos.






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